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Hi there,

Welcome! I’m Mano Guiragossian, the guy behind this blog.

We all know that around 2008 businesses really started to take notice of social media and its power of advertising, within a one year the market started to get crowded.

In 2016 I started to read about social media marketing, I thought that if I read some articles and watched a few webinars I’m good to go for a successful social media marketing campaigns.

After a few failed tries I understood that I need to do a detailed research to be able to have the results that I wanted.

I started doing a great deal of research and following thousands of campaigns on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram to find out what’s the magic behind their success. I ended up finding great strategies, tools that can guarantee great success for any business.
But that wasn’t enough at all!! I still needed to test all these strategies.

At the same time, I started working with some businesses managing their social media accounts and campaigns meanwhile testing my strategies.

BOOM!! Most of them worked!!

Then, I participated in a crowdfunding campaign for Volterman Smart Wallet and helped them to raise over $2.9 Million on Indiegogo, and Trooss, Inc. a new startup which produces technology gadgets and computers accessories for everyday use.

That was how I decided to create this blog to share with you with the latest marketing news, strategies and my thoughts about business overall.

I’m always here to hear your comments, feedback and answer any questions you may have
Drop me a line at or fill the form below.