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Talent and business

We often think about business as a way to earn money and about our hobbies as a way to have fun. The talent side of business has always been neglected by 99% of people.

The ROI of Social Media for some people is a waste of time. And for others, it’s $100,000/Year.

In this article, we are not going to talk about the “5 steps to earn $10K a week” or “The 10,000 hours rule” or “The Secret to Success” this time, let’s talk about self-awareness and discuss why we have all these rules, secrets and keys but only a few people are succeeding.

The $10,000 Story Telling Course for Marketers

If you buy a $10,000 course to learn about storytelling, it doesn’t mean that people will start loving your stories and you will become an expert in storytelling.

Instead, do 50 posts on each social media channel with a content generated by you and spend $1000 distributing it, if people like it, you have the talent, go ALL IN for it.

The 10,000 Hours Rule for Success

Since I was 4 years old, every time I listen to a song I start singing with it. Since then, I have spent 50,000 hours singing but, my sound is still one of the worst sounds in the world. 😎

Working 10,000 hours on something you don’t like just because you think that there is a lot of money in that job doesn’t mean you will succeed in it.

Instead, go find what you love and enjoy the process of practicing it even more than 10,000 hours while growing, getting experience then make it your job.

Business as a Talent?

There is no single successful person that made it without putting in the hard work.

Do the right thing then, put in the HARD WORK

How to become a professional basketball player? Talent and Hard work

How to become a successful lawyer? Talent and Hard work

How to become a successful business person? Find your talent and make it your business.

And guess what, everyone is talented in something.

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