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Facebook and Google Ads

When it comes to advertising the most common question for business owners is Google ads or Facebook ads? Which one is better?

In this article, I’m going to talk about the advantages of each platform and how to consider which one is better for your business.

About Facebook Ads

Facebook is king!! It is the best social media platform for the majority of marketers because of its great options of targeting and large audience.

Facebook is a social network which means people are using it to stay in touch with their friends, to stay up to date with the latest news and to fill up their spare time. People aren’t using Facebook to buy products or make purchases.

But if you use Facebook ads in the right way the chances are so high to find success in such a strong platform with a large number of diversified users and great targeting options.

On Facebook, you can choose a variety of different objectives and placements

Facebook advertising objectives
Facebook advertising objectives for social media marketing

Three of the best targeting options on Facebook

1-Lookalike audiences: One of the best targeting options on Facebook is to create lookalike audiences by uploading your customer list. Once you upload your customer data (Email, name, country, etc) Facebook finds other users with similar attributes to target.

2-Engagement custom audiences: Another good option of targeting is to create custom audiences from the people who have engaged with your content. One of the best options is to target people who have watched at 75% of your video.

Facebook custom audiences
Facebook Ads custom audience

3-Collect data from other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and use the data to target similar users on Facebook:
If you have an active Pinterest or Twitter pages for your business then you have a real valuable data. Both platforms have analytics which provides you with valuable details about your audience, such as interests, devices used by your audience, age, gender, location. You can use the data to create new targeting audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns.

About Google Ads

According to Internet Live Stats, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. With these huge number of searchers and users, no marketer really have the choice to not use Google ads.
People use google to search for specific products, services that’s why they are intended to buy and make purchases.

For example, a customer that is searching for some services in a specific state might search for it in the search engine, and see the service instantly offered in your ad. Once the user clicks on your ad, he or she will be directed to your website. This will increase your traffic by generating a lead, and also you will have a potential customer in front of you.

On Google, again there are a variety of options for advertising including Search Network, Display Network, Google shopping, Google ads remarketing, video.

You start with creating an ad, selecting phrases and keywords which are relevant to your business. When a user searches for those phrases and keywords, your ad will appear together with a link to your website.

Three tools which help you to determine your CPC bids:

Keyword planner: Helps you to find how often some keywords get searched.
Bid simulator: Estimates how many more impressions would you have gotten last week if your bid was $0.10 higher last week.
First-page bid estimates: Estimates how much you may need to bid to make your ad appear on the first page of Google search.

Facebook ads VS Google ads which one is better for your business?

Both are great and valuable places for advertising, it highly depends on your business goals, product types and services.

If your goals are immediate sales and you have a limited budget it’s better to go with Google ads.

If your goals are increasing your brand awareness or lead generation, then start having conversions, Facebook is the perfect place for you.


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