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Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding guide

Crowdfunding is one of the most powerful funding methods for startups and businesses, it’s continuing to evolve into more popular.

Though, money is always one of the main goals of crowdfunding campaigns but, it’s not only about money, it’s also a great way to enter the market and gain visibility.

But, it’s not that easy to succeed in crowdfunding!!

In this article, we will talk about and answer the most frequently asked questions about how to create a WINNING crowdfunding campaign.

Q1: Are any type of ideas or products suitable for crowdfunding?

No, crowdfunding is not the perfect choice for any type of products or ideas.
First, you have to evaluate your idea:

  • Your idea/product should solve a problem
  • You have to validate an interest and demand in the market
  • It should contain innovation and creativeness

If your idea or product meets the mentioned elements, then, you can consider going with crowdfunding.

Q2: What are the most important aspects in the campaign page design?

One of the keys to success in crowdfunding is to develop a well-designed campaign page to turn visitors into backers. Every single aspect in the campaign page is important as it impacts the other aspects of your campaign

  1. Video: Your video should be compelling as it is the first thing visitors see on your page, with the video, you need to grab people’s attention in a short period of time and lead them to take an action.
  2. Copy: If you aren’t a good copywriter, you should hire one. Having a good campaign page copy is essential as it should provide the visitors with all the necessary information to trigger them to take an action.

Q3: What’s the perfect goal amount to set?

A higher goal doesn’t mean more money, you should set your goal as low as possible by taking to account all the costs and expenses that you need to cover. People always want to fund successful projects, that’s why when your green bar is full, more people will start backing your project.


Q4: How can I achieve my target goal when I launch my campaign?

Before launching the campaign you should do your homework to be able to achieve your target goal.
You should have a well-structured landing page with a “SUBSCRIBE” button and start collecting emails. There are many ways to collect subscribers such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Viral contests
  • Facebook groups

You have to offer people great deals such as “50% discount for the first 100 backers” so they will be motivated to subscribe and give you their information.

Funcl wireless headphone’s campaign is a great example of what we are talking about.

(Note: You should always keep your subscribers engaged till you launch your campaign to get them ready to back your project)

Once you launch your campaign, you have to send an email to your subscribers to let them know that you are LIVE. The chances are so high that you will raise 50% to 75% of your goal from your subscribers and the green bar’s effect will start working to drive more people into your campaign.

Q5: How to keep driving traffic to my campaign after getting fully funded?

One of the most challenging things is to keep driving traffic to your campaign and keep turning the visitors into backers, that’s where we need to use the power of Media.

An important part of your homework before starting the campaign is to collect a database of relevant Facebook pages, publications and journalists to contact them once you reach your 100% funding goal.

(Note: Don’t start reaching out to any of the pages or journalists before getting 100% funded to have enough credibility.)

Of course, not everyone will cover you in their articles, posts but once you get covered by some publications or pages people will start sharing it on their social media and this will be a huge traffic source for your campaign.

Another strategy to keep driving traffic to your campaign is Facebook Ads which are my favourite, you can use different targeting options to find potential backers. Check out the best Facebook advertising tools that will help you to find a relevant audience for your campaign.

Other important strategies and tools that you need to use during your campaign to maximize your results

  • Retargeting: There will be many people in your subscriber’s list who didn’t back you when you launched, reach out to them again with a special offer as they are your early subscribers.
  • Stretch goals: Stretch goals are one of the most important aspects in your campaign as it creates excitement and adds value to your campaign, also, it motivates your backers to share your campaign with more people.
  • Kickbooster: The secret weapon to make your campaign even more successful, Kickbooster allows you to set up and run an affiliate/referral program during your campaign in a matter of minutes.

Have you tried any of these strategies or other strategies which helped you to increase your traffic? Let us know in the comments below.

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