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Marketing strategies for 2019

As the year is about to end, people start asking this simple question “What is going to be changed in marketing next year?” Digital Marketing is changing an hour after hour that’s why you need to be well prepared and plan ahead to be able to stay on track with the changes.

In this short article, we will talk about some thoughts and marketing strategies that you need to keep an eye on in 2019.

Personal Branding

People are getting smarter and they like to buy from people not from companies, thus, we have to focus more on personal branding in the upcoming years.

5 tips to get started with personal branding

  • Identify your core values and strengths
  • Put out thousands of pieces of content
  • Distribute your content effectively
  • Know how you are different from others
  • Identify the obstacles that you have to overcome

Building a community

Platforms and marketing channels are changing every day, tools and channels that are working today will not work soon. But, when you have a strong community of people built around you, wherever you go they will follow you.

Keep leveraging the power of Facebook Advertising

The prices of Facebook ads are going higher day by day, but, don’t worry about it as your ad spends will pay off.

One of the most powerful Facebook advertising strategies that you need to focus on in 2019 is video ads, due to the great retargeting options that Facebook provides you with.

Learn more about the best Facebook video ads retargeting strategy.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are a great option for advertising, especially for B2B businesses, sometimes it works for B2C businesses as well, but if you are using it for B2C that’s going to be tough due to the high advertising costs.

According to Social Media Examiner 2018 industry report, Marketers plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn ads (34%) and (53%) of marketers said that they have no plans to use it.

Content Marketing

The key to success in any business is putting out great CONTENT, content is the best way to build a relationship with your customers and it’s a cost-effective way to bring new leads.

4 Content forms that worth focusing on in 2019

  • Videos
  • Live Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Visual images

Influencer Marketing

Most of the marketers are still not taking the advantage of the underpriced attention source which is called INFLUENCER MARKETING, any brand that will not allocate part of its budget for influencer marketing in 2019, will keep losing.

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