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Suffering from high costs per purchase? That doesn’t mean you are targeting the wrong audience, it’s all about how you think of your Facebook advertising strategy and sales funnel.

When people set up a new Facebook campaign, they often focus on short-term sales and immediately choose the conversion objective and that’s where the problems start.

  • Low conversion rate, sometimes no conversions
  • High costs per conversion
  • Losing money on Facebook without getting results


Let’s say you are interested in smart gadgets, and you meet a stranger in a cafe, he immediately offers you his products, would you buy it? I don’t think so. But, if you meet him once and twice to have a conversation with him about his company and products, the chances are higher that you will buy from him when he offers you a good deal.

Facebook Ads works in the exact same way. People are not on Facebook to buy products or services, that’s why you need to have a well-structured sales funnel which will take your target audience through different stages to make them learn about your product and prepare them to make purchases.

In this article, we will talk about three phases which your audience should pass by to start making purchases at the lowest possible costs.

Phase one “ATTENTION”

In this phase, you need to drive cold traffic to your campaign and bring people’s attention to your brand by introducing your product and brand without asking them to give you their email addresses or make purchases.


The ultimate goal of these ads is to engage people with your content and establish a relationship between your brand and them, by engaging them with your content, you can filter the people who may be interested in your product and people who are not.


There are different types of ads you can use in the ATTENTION phase, in this article, we will talk about Video Ads “The Secret Weapon for Phase One”

Video Ads:  Videos can be a great way to introduce people to your products in creative ways to make them engage. Especially when you have a lot of information to introduce, it will be easier to do it by a short engaging video.

How does Video ads work?

Video Ads can be useful because Facebook gives you the ability to create custom audiences and retarget people who watched and engaged with your videos in different ways which we will be talking about in the next phase.

You have to create highly engaging and creative videos to use it in your first Phase “ATTENTION” campaign.

Video views objective can be a good option to start with. As Facebook will deliver your video to the people who are most likely to view it, but, they are not ready to buy your product yet.

In this phase, you need to highlight your audience’s problems, interests with highly relevant content to establish a relationship with them.

(Note: The most important aspect in phase one is your targeting audience and the creative)

Phase two “Build Relationship”

In phase two, you already have the people who are interested in your content from the phase one added in your custom audience and you can continue warming them up to take an action.


Custom Audience: One of the most powerful tools!! You have to create different custom audiences from the people who watched and engaged with your video to retarget them as they showed an interest in your content.

Examples of custom audiences you can create:

  • People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 10 seconds of your video
  • People who have watched at 25% of your video
  • People who have watched at 50% of your video
  • People who have watched at 75% of your video
  • People who have watched at 95% of your video

You can divide your audience into two groups to retarget them with different customized messages according to their interest in your content, brand and products.

Group one: People who have watched at 50% of your video and more. As these people watched half of your video or more, it means that they are interested in your content.

Group Two: People who have watched at 25% of your video or less. As they watched a short part of your video, it means that they may be interested but need more information.

Now, you have to pull up your next Ads to these people to provide them with more information.

For group one, you should highlight your products, services, and features. And how you can solve their problems. Call to action button “Learn More” which will take them to your website is recommended. But, you are not asking them to buy yet.

For group two, you can target them with the same ads as the group one or some marketers prefer to retarget them with another piece of content to validate their interest.

In phase two, Reach campaign objective works the best to reach as many people as possible.

(Note: The most important aspects in phase two which you need to follow, are your CTR rate and Add to Cart rate)

Phase three “Close the Deal”

In this phase, you finally have the people who you know that they are most likely to buy because they interacted with your content for a long time in the previous phases.

Assuming that you have your pixels installed on each page of your website, your audience this time will be divided into three groups

Group one: Add To Cart, these people already added your product to their shopping carts but they didn’t complete the purchase yet.

They are the hottest audience which will convert at a low cost, you just need to offer them a discount on your products. 10% to 30% discount would be a good deal for them as they are ready to buy.

Group two: Page views, people who have viewed your website and pages but didn’t add your product to their cart. For these people, you can offer them a discount as the group one or you can trigger them another Ad which will lead them to a specific page of a product which they are interested in.

Group three: Purchases, these people already made a purchase on your website from phase two.

(Note: The most important aspects in phase three are Page views and Add to Cart rate)


By using this strategy, you will be able to increase your Facebook results and have better conversion rates at the lowest possible cost.

Searching for new ad ideas? In this video, you will learn how to research your competitor’s and other page’s ads to have a creative inspiration for your next ad.

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