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Facebook Ads tools

Unsure of how to improve or scale your Facebook Ads? We’ve all been there.


Finding the right targeting options or changing the ad creative can double your results

In this article, we will talk about three Facebook advertising tools that will help you to achieve better results with your campaigns.

1. Audience Insights

The power of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach super specific audiences. The Audience Insights tool will help you to find what your customers are interested in, and other information which will help you to create thousands of new targeting audiences.

You can find the Facebook Audience Insights by clicking the drop-down menu under “Tool”

Then, you can choose which audience you want to analyze:

  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to your page

Use the filters on the left side to define your audience, you can use the filters in different ways for different objectives

For example in the picture above, I filtered 20-50 years old people who are interested in Social Media Marketing to find more information about them such as:

Demographics: Age and Gender, Relationship status, Education level, Job title

Page Likes: Top categories and page likes

As we can see in the picture above the top categories that my audience are interested in, are Broadcasting & Media Production Company and Education which means I need to create educational content for them as they are interested in it.

Page likes show you what pages your audience like on Facebook so you can include that pages in your interests targeting.

Location: Top cities, top countries, top languages

In this section, you can find the top cities and countries where your audience are based in and the top languages which you need to target.

Activity: Frequency of activities, Device users

One of the most important sections in Audience Insights, The frequency of activities will show you the number of times that the selected audience performed the mentioned actions on Facebook.

Device Users will show you how the selected audience accessed Facebook in the last 30 days.

The Audience Insights is the perfect tool to find your ideal customer profile.


The right targeting audience is the essence of a successful campaign but a great Ad design is in the same level of importance as well.

One of my favourite tools to design creative photos is Canva it provides you with great templates for different purposes also you can easily add texts, elements, icons to your images.

Tips to create great Facebook Ad design

1- Start with a goal

2- Always test multiple designs to see which one performs better

3- Use the right image sizes for each placement

4- Choose an image that stands out to catch the users’ attention

5- Use high-resolution images

3. AdEspresso

As Facebook provides you with hundreds of variants and targeting options, it’s so hard to test each of them as it takes a lot of time and budget, With AdEspresso you can easily test, optimize, analyze your campaigns and increase your ROI.

AdEspresso allows you to test multiple variations of headlines, Ad texts, images and audiences to find the best options for you while saving your time and budget.

Once you test your different variations of Ads you can generate a fully customized PDF report of your Facebook Ads.

It also provides you with a gallery where you can see more than 176,000 Ad examples from every industry

Have you experienced one of these tools? Or you believe that there is another tool that should be listed in this article? Please share your comments, feedback, ideas with us in the comments below.

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